Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holy Crap

The last couple of weeks have slowed down FINALLY!! And go figure, it was hard. I had the chance to exercise, read, waste time looking on the internet, scroll Pinterest page after page... And it was glorious for about an hour and then I got bored. It really is like they say; the grass is always greener...
Well fret no more because as soon as I start to fall into my boredom and embrace it and sloth around the couches, the to do list mounts. Good thing Gord and I have a 5 day weekend (you read right, 5 DAYS!)  starting in exactly 19 hours from right now.
Things I plan to do:
1. Build a short bench for pots on the deck
2. Shovel out dirt from the veggie garden, divide the veggie garden box to make 2 boxes and re-shovel dirt into 2nd said box
3. Take photos of our clean house to make a photo book for our adoption (they show them to the kids to start the transition from foster care to our home)
4. Clean the house (prior to 3 obviously or otherwise why bother?!)
5. Drop off adoption forms, buy a lock box, CO2 detector and cupboard locks (cause I'm sure everyone with children has all their meds in a lock box and wasn't allowed to birth until they had one. The joys of adoption)
6. Exercise, drink tea, spend my Wellness money from work (woohoo, I love my job again!) look at Pinterest like it's my job, watch documentaries, peruse google for answers to all the questions I've been thinking about (like what and why is it when you're falling asleep do you twitch and jump?)
7. Sew something that isn't a blanket or pants (the first pant attempt didn't' go so hot and it's not easy letting go...sigh)
8. Spring clean room by room for our garage sale in May/June and pile all the crap, I mean treasures,  in one spot

I could keep going but I"m sure by now you're bored and don't really care.

I also intend to keep a close eye on my new herbs growing in my new herb pots sent from a great friend for my birthday last month! I've never tried to grow herbs inside but so far so good!
Basil, Lemon Balm and Mint

AND dream about my veggie garden with things like this in them so that in a few months I can re take this photo with veggies all from MY garden!
And so with all the adoption to do's I'm sure you are all wondering where things are at. And if you aren't, I'm going to tell you anyway.
We are in the midst of setting up our first home visit with our intake worker, then we move to our home study, then to matching, then to adoption (training was as predicted - with one day to go this coming Saturday, but at the same time it was better than expected and made me/us feel confident that we know what we are doing and can handle the issues and behaviours that are pretty much guaranteed to come our way).
However this past week has been a roller coaster as we hummed and hawed over letting our worker know we were interested in a particular child, who we happen to know about because of our work and who we happen to know is up for adoption and more than likely deemed a 'hard to place' child because of his needs (this also included a very interesting and enlightening conversation with Anthony, more on that later).
We did eventually let her know and it was very....emotional. Of course we are getting way ahead of ourselves at this point and there's still at least 3 months to go, AT LEAST. But, we feel we are in the thick of it now and fairly confident (at this point anyway) that we could be placed this summer. And that equals a lot, A LOT, of holy crap moments, (tears), and to do lists.

Happy Spring!

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