Monday, May 7, 2012

Superheros and Sugar

Last weekend the boys spent the WHOLE weekend at Calgary Comic Convention. I think they had fun....

I spent the whole weekend in the garden of which there are no photos because it looks like I hardly made a dent! Although, each year it seems we are making a small, and I mean a s.m.a.l.l., bit of progress with cleaning out a little section of weed/junk/overgrown disaster at a time and trying to purdy things up a bit. We are now on a garden plan. It's a multi-step program.

When I haven't been gardening I've been baking! Anthony and I make chocolate chili cookies (hands down best cookies ever!) a couple weeks ago and this weekend I made a chocolate cake with homemade coconut buttercream icing with toasted coconut on top to share with friends for a game night.

And a quick adoption update:
Our police checks and welfare checks are in so now our worker can put our names forward for our home study! There is no wait list for the home studies at this point and they take about 2 months to complete. After that we are matched with a kiddo and we were told we would be matched fast. Wowzer! Won't be long now! AHHHHHH!

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