Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ontario 2012: Epic Family Visiting Adventure

 We are back.

 It was a long visit and a good visit. There were many hours spent driving, many hours spent eating and many hanging wit da family and some friends. Oh, and the heat, for the love of everything crunchy and sweet, the heat was magnificent.
I particularly had fun spending time with my niece and nephew stuffing my face, and theirs, with all things sugary, sticky, food coloring full, and delicious :) Also learning more about my sisters new business and how excited and well she is doing at it; makes this little sister proud!

A 40 degree day at Canada's Wonderland
Wonderfully cheap game prizes to boot

  And I got a whole day with just Reese where we changed her clothes 5 times, went to the park in a party dress, ate ice cream, watered Papa's flowers and just hung out. 

Oh, and had tea with the Queen

The trip also started a new adventure in our life; Gord did his first block course at the University of Guelph towards his masters for a week while we were there and he's been a typing/studying machine (I had to wrestle him for the lap top tonight) ever since. In two years from now we can stop wrestling.

 I went from being a camera picture taker to a phone/instagram picture lover. I'm wondering if the novelty will wear off, but since I took a picture of our fish in the office to send to a sick co-worker today, just because it was that easy, I think friends and family will be annoyed for many more months to come from my new incessant hobby.

I got to catch up with a child hood friend and meet her daughter. Although we don’t chat much and I haven’t seen her in a few years, I feel a strong connection, a renewed connection and a desire to keep this friendship alive. This idea was hovering somewhere all along, but was set on fire after reading Kelle Hamptons Book, Bloom on the airplane there and was totally jealous and inspired by her amazing group of friends. I want that.

We also learned just how responsible Anthony is. He stayed in Calgary with his mom and he faced a new situation with a friend and their family and dealt with it very well. He also came to our house every day to check on the cats before heading to his moms. On the bus. The city bus. By himself. (Ok, it’s 2 stops away but this is a BIG deal). Stayed on his own for a bit in the morning time and made it to school without being late once. I’ll probably wake up tomorrow and he’ll ask to borrow the car. Sheesh.

We are back at it; the new normal of work and school. We are in full swing of adoption preparations with our home study booked over the next few weeks. We are still looking at August as our placement date and the frequency of ‘holy s!@%’ are coming at a rapid, daily pace now. There is gardening to be done. Oh so much gardening as well as planting our veggie garden if it ever stops raining for a day or two. There is also a mounting pile of sewing lists; news of new babies on the way means more quilts to make, summer means skirts and I have a pile of unfinished projects I need to wrap up. I love being busy so I’m soakin’ it all up!

For now though, sleep and dreams of lists…

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