Sunday, February 12, 2012

Doctors and Traditions...just not together please!

This week was very uneventful, full of too many doctors and too much work. Although we are riproaring through the adoption process (first workshop down this weekend!), there are still a few tests to complete and follow up on so we can completely close the door on becoming pregnant, and also appointments to make sure my health is covered (I've now been officially diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure). All of this takes no less than 4 different doctors, who despite their ability to receive phd's, cannot coordinate themselves across a city. Every time a new test is ordered it means an appointment for the test and another appointment to follow up on it, and it's all a little maddening and overwhelming some days.

What I find even more maddening though, is people who complain about things but never do anything to change it. So, lesson this week: don't schedule three appointments in one week that is already jam packed with work (I have only one coming up. I take my lessons very seriously).



 I don't know how I did it, but I have kept 4 orchids alive all winter and 2 have bloomed again!  
Lucky for me, after one particularly mind-blurring, overwhelming day, I had a husband who met me to drop off my dance clothes so I wouldn't miss class after being stuck in traffic, made me steak and mashed potatoes for when I came home, cleaned up an incredible explosion of clean laundry that occurred that morning in our room AND bought me mini eggs to make me feel better. I love that man.

I am expecting this coming week to be much, much better. How can it not when it's full of this?

I am ridiculously giddy to bake these tomorrow night. I haven't been baking very much these days as we've been trying to eat more healthy so I think all my baking energy is pent up and ready to be unleashed on pink and white icing.

I've also been thinking and talking to Gord lately about creating more traditions, and my latest kick is about doing more to celebrate holidays more and have more fun with them. I've never done anything for valentines day, which is fine, I don't expect and would not want romantic dinners and teddy bears with I love you sashes, but a few cupcakes and a thoughtful wee bag of cinnamon hearts sure would make my day and I think would make Anthony's and future humans too! And birthdays, birthdays need to be taken to a whole new level in this house. March 1st when a certain somebody turns 10 there will streamers. There will be balloons. There will be cake. There will be an explosion of new tradition. Next thing you know, I'll be driving around in a mini van to soccer practice....

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