Monday, February 20, 2012

My first clothing project was somewhat of a success. After two weeks of quiting and returning to it I  finished it (mostly) on my birthday!
no belt

 Clearly my modeling skills need some practice time

There are some flaws (ha, to say the least). The worst being that I can't get in and out of it without a production (you know, the kind where you're in a change room and you thought you were a small but really you are a medium and you get stuck half way taking off the shirt with your arms in the air and the shirt over your head so you can't see and you start to sweat because one more cm of movement means you're going to hear that dreaded ripping sound and you just hope that the sales lady isn't standing too close to the otherside of the door. yeah, like that).

Also, I can't get the buttons done up once it's on without assistance (I don't mind though, he's hot). Details, details. I might try to make it again, but maybe with a zipper up the back instead of buttons and a few other changes.
Although tricky and infuriating frustrating at points, I learned lots and am excited to make more.

Up next: Pants! 

 It helps that I got an awesome birthday sewing table to work at! (and a side kick cat to boot)

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  1. love it! nice work! and happy belated birthday, i just got back home tonight to the land of internet and phones. will email more soon