Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter, and then some

 The last week, or so, in pictures...

Bought a blender, made a smoothie (more like 8). Yum. Baked a 
chocolate doughnut cake for ma-in-laws early Birthday. Also Yum. 

A trip to Medicine Hat for Easter and Anthony got (among many things from his very spoiling 
Grandparents:) a football. Multiple games of Monkey in the Middle have been had. 
(I'm enjoying all his lifesavers, thanks Debbie and Marvin!)

While Grandpa took Anthony fishing, Gord took me to visit baby chicks and bunnies.
Apparently no grown ups are interestedin petting baby animals. Just me.
Reason #34 to obtain a small child of our own.  Cause it was a bit akward...

 In my last post, I talked about how I get excited when we are driving on the prairies and I get to see a train (or on this trip TWO!) but because you are on the prairies, you get to see the whole train at once. All 92 box cars (yes I even count them). I find it very satisfying and think that that it really fulfills the prairie experience. That, and seeing power lines end, 10 year boys shooting pellet guns with their Grandpa and cows in a field up against the local Walmart very much amuse me and make me smile. (Side story: In the fall we were driving to Drumheller and out of the corner of my eye at the side of the road, I caught a glimpse of a deer, however, because I'm so Albertan now, without thinking I shouted "Hey a buck!", because it had horns of course. A few years ago, I never would have known that. Or thought that 10 year olds should be shooting pellet guns. But here I am, I think I am officially a prairie girl.)

 Seriously, could she get any cuter? (the answer, in case you were wondering is no. No she cannot)

                                                 Hanging out, lazy Sunday-ing it.

And today, Anthony and I made Chocolate Chili Cookies. You can find the recipe here, and you won't be disappointed. We didn't put the currents in and they were still yummy. If you make it with the currents let me know how they turn out. (Also, if you scoop 2 tbsp of the dough - it's very wet, it's suppose to be, you will get very large cookies and only about a dozen)

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