Sunday, April 8, 2012

What's Working?

There's a blog that I started following a little while ago and am quite enjoying. It's called My Fascinating Life.  The woman who writes it is linking blogs talking about what's going well for people, and since things seem to be pretty darn great around here these days, I thought I'd join in. Here's what's working well for me/us right now.

*Prepping Anthony for adoption. The conversations we are having are funny, interesting, enjoyable and are reminding me that as smart as he is, he is still 10 years old and thinks like a 10 year old. His openness though in talking about his fears (particularly over his 3ds, of course) are comforting and reassuring to us that we are approaching this whole crazy train in the right way. We know this because when we make reference to a brother, the kid doesn't even flinch or miss a beat. (We meet our adoption worker this week too. Yippee -  Another step towards chaos!)

*30 day challenges. Gord challenged himself in March to write everyday. Turns out when you write for 2-3 hours each day you end up with a book. A whole freakin' book! He may even try to get it published. So, it inspired me to make my own challenge and for the month of April I am exercising everyday. I haven't missed a day yet and I'm tired and energetic at the same time. It's definitely a challenge to make sure I plan ahead in the day of when I'm going to fit it in, and then there's the actual doing part that's a challenge too. But I"m determined to not fail and I figure in the end it's a double victory; one for my body and two for my stubbornness of refusing to loose to myself!

*The Sopranos. We don't have cable but download movies once in a while to watch at night. About once a year, we fall into a pattern of downloading a show and getting hooked. Right now it's The Sopranos, which I never watched when it was on. We are just starting season three and have been watching at least 1 episode a night. It's become such a routine and habit and I am loving curling up on the couch under a big fat blanket with Gord and turning my brain off for 40 minutes.

*Visiting in Medicine Hat. Two days of watching the Food Network, hanging with family and doing nothing but eating and sitting around (minus my exercise time of course)went very well for me:) Our drive out even included seeing two trains (when I can see the beginning and end of a train at the same time I feel like it's a prairie victory), tumble weed and finding the end of a power line. I know this may sound a little strange, but not being from the prairies these things are very satisfying to see when in the middle of nothing but field and sky. You feel like you got you money's worth and got the real prairie experience (what can I say, small things amuse me?)

*There's so much else that is well and making me happy right now: The kitties - cause they are always a barrel of entertainment and cuteness and I'm particularly enjoying their cuddliness right now. Prepping for Gord to return to school is going well. Getting ready for spring and enjoying some moments in the warm sunshine over the past week are definitely going well. Feeling somewhat on top of distant friends and connecting with them - yep that's going well. Having Anthony's assessment and diagnosis confirmed - well. Sewing - well. Feeling relatively calm and sane - check! That's also well!

I think I may have to stop there as I must go get my exercises in!

(just because all this is going well doesn't mean it's going to come to a crashing halt right? Sometimes too much well and optimism can make a girl feel that way! I guess that's for a different post...!)

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  1. I feel the same... like if I say what is going well, it's all going to go wrong!!!

    ~Especially glad that you are feeling calm and sane - that's the best thing, isn't it?? If that's going okay, everything else is great!