Sunday, July 15, 2012

Calmer and hotter. And lots of Squares

I have simmered down a bit since I last wrote. I've been keeping busy with a few projects, reading and enjoying the heat - I've been in heaven with all this heat. Usually Calgary has one day in the summer that makes it to +30, two if you're really lucky. But generally our summers are luke warm at best - which is still nice, but I can do hot. I love hot. I'm happy when it's hot. And this last week I have been in my glory. Unfortunately it also makes me lazy so it feels like I haven't done much, but looking at all the photos from the last 10 days or so it appears I'm not as lazy as I think!

My happy place. If you don't look anywhere else in the yard it actually looks half decent (well, better than it was!)

And enjoy it I do!

Cherries on the deck and some Pinterest goodness!

Stampede Fireworks (4 locations in the city with the exact same show at the exact same time) 
We are going again tonight because I luv me some fireworks

 Stampede Breakfasts; besides fireworks, free pancakes is my Stampede event. We managed three this year, one of which we volunteered at and sliced up 7 watermelons for our Community Centre:)

 Last week Gord and I left the city and went to the foothills for some quiet-get-me-out-of-the-house-im-going-crazy time. We read by the river and had lunch in a small town. Ahhhhh.

 I made THE best raspberry creamsicles. Unfortunately, they didn't come out of the popsicle mold and spoons are too big to fit in them too. I was like a monkey with a tool digging out the goodness because it was oh so worth it...anybody know where to find a good popsicle mold?!

 Our garden is exploding with radishes and mini lettuce. I really don't plant that much, but when it all comes at once we eat a lot of salad. Still to come; beets, carrots, potato, peas and onion. Yum Yum.

 (Oh Blogger, I love how you don't let me lay out photos properly....)

So my friend and I have been sending fabric back and forth from Calgary to Adelaide for the couple years (we really slacked off in the middle there so it took a while). We'd cut squares, a few at time, and send them but would keep the exact same squares for ourselves. The idea is we will haveWe now have enough to make a double quilt but can't decide on what colour to use as a solid. Chris is leaning towards black, and I'm a white fan, but white seems to be be a default and maybe I need to try something different. I can sort of picture the dark red...maybe. Any ideas? Please help help!

AND, I finally got my grey quilt quilted. It's lovely! And here it sadly sits in a heap with it's binding ready to be cut and sewn. I need me a rainy day - just one so I can justify leaving the sunny deck to rescue this beautiful thing from the basement floor!

I think that's enough blabbing about nothing for now! I'm off to attempt creamsicles again, they were just too darn good to give up on that easily!

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