Sunday, July 22, 2012

Same Same

Nothing much has changed since last week.

More waiting. More small projects (ie. operation goodbye crack tub). More reading and enjoying the sunshine.

And I'm looking for a tutor to learn Spanish. It's on the bucket list and needs to be checked off before we go to South America again. That probably won't happen for at least 3 years or so, and so I figure that's enough time to get a hold on a language;)

 And also this:

 If at first you don't's definitely worth a second shot. Particularly if the thing you didn't succeed at was delicious. They are mini but delightful (and don't small things always taste better?)

 The beautiful grey quilt from the heap on the floor is in the process of being bound. It is looking like it will be on our bed by August, just in time for some late summer snow fall. I'm kidding. Sort of. 

A night out at the Thee-a-tar...
Anthony had his performance the other night for his theater camp. He loves acting, and he's pretty good at it. And for the first time he was into getting a bit of a costume together. I was all over it. Even though it only consisted of turning a tie into a bow tie and buying a button down shirt and making it into short sleeves (he was a candy man - not in this picture though. here he was a gingerbread man. it's all very confusing) you bet it was one helluva bow and spectacular sewing job on those skinny sleeves. Loved it.

Afterwards, Gord and I went for a late night ice cream run (it looks like the middle of the day, but this is about 9:30 pm). I have heard about Village Ice Cream and I will be a repeat offender. Salted Caramel, uh yeah. Toasted Coconut - yes please.

 The garden hath explodeth. I'm not sure how much salad one can consume but I'm about to find out.

 The sun room in the warm summer evenings is my favorite place to be. Sigh....

And today was zucchini madness. I haven't baked in a while and who cares that it's 25 degrees out? I certainly did not. Now that the kitchen is 97 degrees, I do actually care a little....

And the time has come to deal with the crack tub. I've bought enough chemicals to kill a small preschool and I'm hoping I don't burn off my skin in the process.

Off to find something to make for dinner that doesn't require me being in the kitchen...maybe we'll just gnaw on lettuce!

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