Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A wee mess

As of last Tuesday I have been an official mess. My stomach hurts, I feel nausea, I'm a bit - umm, make that a lot, snippy and above all I am soooo irritable. That's because as of Tuesday we are done our home study and can't do anything else but wait. And I'm not so good at waiting. In fact, I'm terrible at it. And my terribleness in waiting comes out in the form of being really anxious which in turn looks like a crazy person who obsessively cleans the house and gets irritated when things are out of place (more than usual that is).

So, I've made a few goals for myself for the next 4-6 (we hope) weeks to help me cope. 1. I am going to work out like the crazy person I am. Back in April I challenged myself to work out everyday for a month and minus 2 days I did it and I felt fantastic. And while I pushed myself really hard then, now it's time to take up a notch. I am determined to squat and lunge my way to being kick-ass strong.  2. Learn about bathtubs. Our bathtub is gross; the enamel is worn off, the caulking was never done right and it's flaky and moldy, there isn't a proper shower head - just a nozzle half falling off the wall...It's so bad that we stopped using it and only use the stand up shower in the basement. So I'm going to fix it. How? I have no idea but I"m going to try! 3. Sew sew sew. I have so much fabric and so many plans that I need to call in sick to work just to make a dent (um, not that I've ever done that before. Ever. Except those 3 or 4 times that I did). I have a quilt to bind, a quilt to sew, a cushion to cover and a skirt to make. Must. Sew. Plus I'd like to make a slue of other things but I'm gunna start there for now:) 4. Sit and on my deck. We've spend some time getting the deck all purdy and if you don't look anywhere else in the yard it actually looks decent. Problem is, the weather has turned nice and when I'm work all I think about is being at home on my deck. Ok, this isn't really a problem. 5. Come up with a goal. If I'm going to stay home for 9 months I need to have some kind of personal goal to keep myself me. I don't know what my goal will be but I wrote it on my to do list to find a goal so this I will think about (perhaps while sitting on my deck!).

Hopefully between those few things I will be a bit less crazy towards my family and not drive them into their own madness over the next few weeks. Since today is the first of July, the exercise challenge starts today (there's actually a couple of us in on it) and so off I must go to kick some serious jiggly butt!

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