Thursday, August 9, 2012


Part of my preparing for little kiddo was fixing the cracktub.

Our very neglected upstairs bathtub that was so bad that the curtain was practically locked in place so nobody would have to look at the disaster and we all ignored it and showered downstairs. Not knowing what age of child we are getting and whether they will need bathing in a tub or not, I though it may not be fair to force a youngin' in the cracktub if I didn't even want to go in it.

So, I began a hunt of how to re-enamel a tub and a few days of head-spinning toxicity and fuming everyone downstairs to sleep - voila!



                                                                           No more cracktub. Ready for kiddo!

I'm not kidding, the chemicals were bad. This mask did nothing but make Gord feel better...but it's shiny!!!

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