Sunday, October 21, 2012

Almost there!

Infoshare. Check.
Information overload. Check.
Meet my little boy...still waiting!

We are through some of the official business; that happened Friday and both of us, running on only a few hours of sleep, had so many names and dates and thoughts and images of seeing our little guy at preschool (man alive he is cute) running through our heads that we felt like they were going to pop right off.

The rest of the official business comes tomorrow when we formally say yes to our worker. There is also a court shindig tomorrow to wrap up a document that should never have existed in the first place, but we are expecting no issues. 

Next up, a transition plan will be put into place and we are hoping by late this week to go meet the little guy and start moving him into his forever home over the next couple of weeks!!!

So you know there's that. Whateves. No big deal. HA!

Also, this has been happening:

Cooked my first Turkey!


The cats have been extra cute and extra cuddly since it got chilly out.
I took this as a sign to start making a scarf
Had an epic (5 hours counts as epic right?) board game night with some friends 
and an impromptu date night with my love.

 We went for a walk/hike one day...and then this happened

 I found The Jackpot. Plus we bought a few wee things for the little guy. 
You may sense a theme in his items.

 I baked banana bread today and have been slowly figuring out my dehydrator. 
You'd think it would be simpler....

I've also been working away on my two quilts. Perhaps I will even come close to finishing one tomorrow if I...ahem...cough...cough...stay home from work tomorrow:) Got to stay busy somehow to keep away the crazy waiting!

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