Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Yesterday we met our little boy! It was overwhelming yet very easy and natural at the same time. He recognized us from our pictures and called us mommy and daddy. I melted a little and started to cry but held off the ugly cry once I took a moment to breath. We played and hung out for an hour or so and he hugged us goodbye.

He's full of beans, very smart, and very expressive.

This kid is amazing.

For the rest of the night we kept looking at each other with a 'did that just really happen?' look. It's hard to believe after thinking about that moment so many times that it actually finally happened.

We will continue to do some visits over the next week building up to him spending Monday night with us and if all goes well he will just stay. Tonight, Anthony is coming to meet Jonathan. Anthony's been a little hot and cold but over all a little  in different about the whole situation. But, this past weekend he really got interested and was asking questions and maybe even got a little excited.

This morning, when he opened his door, he woke up to a celebration of his new big brother status:

He was pretty tickled.

We cannot wait to go back and spend more time getting to know this little person. 

There is so much more I want to write but don't know if I can without turning into a fountain. I think I need some time to process things and just to sit back and enjoy the moments that are coming our way. 

Thank everyone for you're amazing support and excitement for us! 

We are so happy to be a family of FOUR now!!!

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  1. oh my god I am so happy for you guys! that is such great news. i was just wondering today how it was going. keep posting its great to hear about. can't wait to talk to you to hear all about it! xxxc congratulations!