Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lazy town

 It's been a quiet week. 
Back to the school routine, back to cold nights and sunny days. Back to baking....

Raspberry chocolate chip banana bread...sometimes fall ain't so bad after all:)

I bought a bike! We all have one now and it is our attempt at leaving the house and getting some exercise. It on my second ride yesterday it became quite apparent that I am terribly out of shape...which I knew...but I didn't know how bad it was. The only thing that save me from being completely pathetic was that I refused to ride on the lowest gear so I could save a smidge of dignity...

 Gord and I took a road trip to Bassano one evening to take some photos for his website for his book...more on that later...but I will say my love for the prairies bloomed even more AND my day was made when I ate dinner across from a REAL cowboy. Not somebody who wears a cowboy goes to Stampede and thinks they are a cowboy,  but a REAL cowboy with a leathery face and who walks bowlegged...I would have chatted with him except I think Gord was a little embarrassed.

 This happened....Grade freakin' 5

The great quilt progress. It's half way done and looking great.  The backing and binding hunt is on! 

Cat photo of the week:)

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