Thursday, September 20, 2012


It happened!

Very unexpectedly and much faster than we thought it would - We got a phone call the other day from our amazing worker who told us that were matched with the little guy we know about. We are in a bit of shock to say the least and I think that somebody let loose a flock of butterflies in my belly!


There is a court document that needs to be revoked or our adoption can't proceed. Bio mom is being served papers to revoke this and if she shows up to court and disagrees than game over. Chances are slim, but there is a chance it all may not happen.

So we have 32 days to wait to find out and just a few days before the court date we will go ahead with an information sharing session to learn all about the wee man because we are assuming (with every rabbit foot, crossed finger, shining star we's got) that it will be ok.

More anxiety. More waiting. More dreaming....

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