Thursday, September 6, 2012

The other kind of adoption cry

There is another kind of crying that comes along with the adoption; it's equally as messy as the frustration tears, but it's WAY better.

It's the grateful cry.

I can not even write this without the screen getting blurry though all my grateful tears.

These tears have been coming more frequent over the last month or so. It happens when I start thinking about our friends and family and co-workers and their reactions to us adopting. They have been the most amazing and supportive people through this last year. Their genuine excitement and interest and kind words are ridiculously humbling. Sometimes they even cry too. Which of course makes me cry and then things quickly spiral out of control. They can even get a tad messy 'cause this girl ain't a pretty crier. But it's a ridiculously good messy.

And the kindness just keeps rollin'. It's not an ask a few questions to be polite and forget it kind of thing. They keep asking what the latest news is and where things are at week after week. They want to know how we are doing and why I keep showing up at work instead of being at home! They are supportive and excited and kind and amazing.

The grateful cry comes because there was a time when I thought I would not get to experience the excitement of others at the news of a new arrival to our family.  I did not think I would have friends and co-workers talking about throwing parties and showers for us...ahhh, I need another freakin' kleenex.

It has been a roller coaster couple of years.

But I sit here contemplating it all and I am happy.

I am grateful for peoples kindness.

And it is all just ridiculously humbling.

What I'm trying to say is thank you to all of you who have asked questions, gotten excited and listened to us gush (and complain and worry and freak out) over every step forward. It's overwhelming and perfect.

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