Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quick photo update

There's been a wholelotta sewing happen' around here. Mostly little presents and some epic quilting preparations . I made these pocket warmers for little gifts, and for us too (ok for me; I can never been too warm in winter 'round here)
These two bunches of fabric arrived in my mail box this week. I have plans for the one on the left to do a lazy kind of quilt that I saw a tutorial for on Pinterest and the one on the left I want to try a disapperaing nine patch quilt. I think I need to grab a few more pieces to supplement the stash before I start.
 This quilt I started today...sort of. Really Christine and I started this 2ish (maybe 3?) years ago, sending fabric back and forth to and from Adelaide and Calgary a few squares at a time. We now have the same stack of scrap fabric cut into 4.5 inch squares. Chris did some serious research into adding linen into the mix and after much colour debate and testing, she picked this grey linen. Which also arrived in my mail on this week. This weekend I washed and cut and started to sew it all together and in the end we will have basically matching quilts but with different layouts once they are all finished!

Last weekend we went to Globalfest. Twice.
It was fantastic. I love fireworks. The shows were amazing and worth the crowds of people and $9dollar bag of mini doughnuts. Nothing more to say. Can't wait again for next year...maybe we'll go three times:)

 I made peach jam. It looks better than it is. I panicked at a crucial moment and now it's a very thick, very sweet jam. That's okay, it was my first time and many lessons learned. I don't think I can use it as presents but Gord and Anthony seem to like it...after 12 jars though....

 I got some more carrots from the garden! There are a few strays still lingering that might grow big enough (and some beets and radishes and lettuce) if the weather stays nice a bit longer. The plans for next years garden are already floating around in my head...

We kept up our campfires. And of course more smores.

What's a week without a cat picture or two?

When I was home in May I went through so many old photos from my childhood and really enjoyed the ones of my whole family together. I realized we didn't have that many so I made another new tradition that every summer we will take a family photo. This is 2012's... we may need a bigger porch for next year! (don't mind the half dead pansies, they've been there since May).

That's it that's all. Anthony goes back to school this week, we meet with our adoption worker on Friday, and I may, cough cough, need to take a sick day this week to sew rest up.

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